Little Unveils Innovative AI-Powered Platform for Custom Holiday Cards

Ride hailing app, Little, has unveiled a platform empowering individuals to design their own personalized Santa Christmas cards using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Accessible through, the technology enables users to seamlessly create bespoke holiday cards, uniquely tailored to their preferences.

The platform offers an array of festive-themed content, allowing users to craft shareable holiday greetings that can be easily printed or shared across social channels and emails.

Mr. Kamal Budhabhatti, Chief Executive Officer of Little, highlighted the platform’s purpose: “We invite you to embrace the joy of the season by designing your own Santa Christmas cards using AI technology. It’s a fun, innovative way to curate personalized greetings for your loved ones.”

He continued, “Accessible on both computers and mobile devices, the enhanced experience on computer screens allows users to explore the full potential of this platform.

Experience the magic of spreading holiday cheer by creating a one-of-a-kind Christmas card, crafted by you, with a little help from AI!”

Mr. George Lemayian, the AI engineer at Little, emphasized the transformative power of AI tools, stating:

“AI technology has reached an inflection point, with this innovation, Little aims to provide a positive space for creative expression during the holiday season.”

Mr. Lemayian further explained, “The platform invites individuals to tap the potential of AI, creating captivating artwork using iconic elements of the season.”

He added, “This technology extends beyond Christmas; it embraces all holiday seasons and celebration days across our operational countries, offering limitless customization possibilities.”

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