Nishukishe kwa Omolo! Khaligraph Jones shows off his new multimillion mansion

Kenyan musician Khaligraph Jones has sent tongues buzzing after uploading a video of his nearly finished Multimillion Mansion.

The video shows the beefy rapper walking past his massive mansion.

Despite a few sections that still require maintenance, its white painting jumps out.

The top to bottom glass walls make it gleam even more, adding to the kingly appeal.

A worker is also seen putting the finishing touches on the temporary iron-corrugated fence.

Two men appear to be swept away by the mansion’s beauty as they follow Khaligraph in his strides.

Khaligraph Jones shows off his new multimillion mansion
Khaligraph Jones shows off his new multimillion mansion

As he walks around admiring the amazing vista, a Thanksgiving song plays in the background.

“Nasema asante kwa wema wote ukarimu wako ndio umefanya mi nisikose, victory ushanipea in full doses and I recover even when I take my losses especially life ikiniseti kwa corner neno lako ndio huwa naketi nasoma.”

“@khaligraph_jones you are an example of what they say you can come from nothing to something, you inspire me alot, am in a situation where making it is the only thing that gonna earn me respect even to my family members.”

“Hii keja sasa ukishadishi huko down ukienda kudoz 4th floor umeshaskia kinenge tena😂😂 Omollo hii ni mall buana😂 Godspeed lakini🙏🏾💯🚀 Ametuonyesha na possible🙌🏾👊🏾.”

“The kinda moves the OG makes nobody can…it will be hard to fit his shoes 🔥quite literally.”

Khaligraph started building his mansion in February last year. His wife Georgina Muteti took to social media on February 7, 2022, and posted photos showing workers digging the foundation for their house.

Speaking during an interview in November 2022, Khaligraph said he was building a huge mansion to show his success.

”I’m building a home to show other musicians that it’s good to invest because, with this industry, things can change, but if you have a place to call home where you don’t pay rent, it’s safe for the family.”

Khaligraph further said that his mansion’s construction was progressing slowly because he didn’t have all the money that was required to build the house at a fast pace.

Radio presenter and former rapper Gidi Gidi was in May 2023 totally blown away by the huge size of Khaligraph’s mansion.

Gidi Gidi was driving when he noticed Khaligraph’s huge mansion and had to stop to check it out.

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