Kenya’s neighboring country bans TikTok, Telegram

The Ministry of Communications and Technology is ordering the country’s internet service providers to turn off access to social media companies TikTok, Telegram, and the gambling site 1xBet.

Somali’s Minister of Communications and Technology, Jama Hassan Khalif, gave the order in a statement issued Sunday, August 20, citing security and fighting terrorism as reasons for blocking the companies.

The statement said constant violations by terror groups using social media sites affected the safety and stability of society.

In addition, the Ministry said it’s working to protect the moral conduct of the Somali people when using communication and internet tools that have affected the way of life and have increased “bad practices,” according to the statement.

“You are being ordered to shut down the applications mentioned above by Thursday, August 24, 2023, at 11:30 evening, at the latest,” Khalif said in the statement. “Anyone who does not follow this order will face clear and appropriate legal measures.”

The al-Shabab militant group regularly uses Telegram’s messaging service to publish its videos, and press releases, and posts audio of interviews with their commanders.

Al-Shabab often posts news about its attacks within minutes on Telegram and websites. The group regularly creates new accounts as soon as their Telegram accounts are taken down.

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