“I make more money, but I still submit to my husband” – Abel Mutua’s wife Judy Nyawira reveals

Abel Mutua’s wife, Judy Nyawira is the talk of social media after she explained why she has been submissive to her husband.

In a video that has circulated online following an interview she conducted with Youtuber Lynn Ngugi, Judy noted that there is no single time Abel Mutua never led their home.

“There have been seasons where I earn more than Abel does, and at no point did I feel superior to him because I had more money than him. He is still the head of the house,” she said.

The renowned social media influencer and Youtuber added that the couple has never fought about money in their home.

“If I am in a position to do something, I will do it without thinking, the money in our house belongs to all of us. I always want to help my husband,” she added.

“Support is very important. If you play your role wisely as a wife and a woman, the head of the house will fully excel in life if you play well. It was not meant to be ‘what a man can do a woman can do better’,” she said.

Kenyans on Twitter have since praised her for being a very supportive wife and helper to her husband.

A Twitter user by the name Alex said Judy Nyawira is one of the very few exceptions.

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