Brian Chira finally apologizes over his bad manners

TikToker Brian Chira has made a huge step forward by publicly apologizing for his previous destructive actions.

Chira expressed guilt for his ungratefulness towards individuals who actually cared for him throughout his climb to internet stardom in an emotional interview with Kiss FM on August 2.

His forthright apology, as well as his desire to step away from social media to reflect on his conduct, elicited both admiration and suspicion from his followers.

Brian Chira does not shy away from admitting his faults in the past. He said that he had misinterpreted the motives of some of his pals who had helped him along the way to becoming an online star.

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He expressed real contrition for his poisonous behavior toward them, acknowledging that he failed to see their genuine concern and assumed they were only interested in profiting from his popularity.

“I’m sorry to friends who I have been toxic to. I have come to realize that I have been so toxic to friends who really cared about me, but I have never known they had good intentions. I thought they were trying to use me for the fame that I was gaining. They were there to hold me, but I didn’t see it,” Chira said.

Emotional Brian Chira finally apologizes over his bad manners
Emotional Brian Chira finally apologizes over his bad manners

As he rose to internet stardom, Chira confessed that the fame got to his head. He started to believe that he was superior to others, leading him to selectively decide who deserved to be in his life.

This arrogance caused him to push away people who cared for him, causing significant emotional damage.

“I woke up one day and found myself an internet sensation,” he said. “Fame got into my head, and I started to think that I was better than everyone else. I started to push people away who I thought didn’t deserve to be in my life. I was wrong, and I’m so sorry,” he said.

The controversial TikToker’s apology came as a turning point in his life. Recognizing the harm he had caused, he declared his decision to take a break from social media.

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He plans to disconnect from the online world, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and introspection.

By distancing himself from the spotlight, he hopes to find clarity about his true identity and purpose in life.

“I want to take a break from social media,” he said. “I will switch off my phone, take my KSh 10,000, and chill somewhere. I need to figure out who I am and what I want in life,” he said.

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