“I am very sorry” – Gloria Ntazola apologizes to kanjo she drove off with in her car

Gloria Ntazola is seeking atonement for her sins after giving a helpless kanjo unsolicited ride from Nairobi CBD to Kitengela in the neighbouring Kajiado county where she dumped him.

Ntazola earned 15 minutes of fame after she was seen in a viral video driving off with the Nairobi City County inspectorate officer while also giving him a tongue-lashing for inviting himself into her car.

Speaking to a local radio station, Ntazola expressed remorse for using very harsh language to insult the kanjo who entered her car without her consent.

The 25-year-old provocateur further extended an olive branch to the kanjo saying she was keen to make amends for her action.

“I am very apologetic I used that kind of language it was just I was triggered sikufaa kutumia word kama hio I am very sorry. I am even willing maybe some day we will meet with that guy and we squash this,” Gloria Ntazola said.

The lass noted that she would reach out to the kanjo after the investigations into the incident is concluded. She revealed that police were already on top of the matter.

“I really don’t have his number but I think after the investigation is done I will just reach out to him. You know people kosana na watu they always find amicable ways to solve,” she said.

During the interview, Ntazola said she used the expressway to drive from Nairobi CBD to Kitengela where she ejected the kanjo off her car.

Gloria Ntazola got into an altercation with three kanjos after they unlawfully got inside her car in Nairobi CBD.

In the viral video which she shared on social media, Ntazola complained that she was trying to park the vehicle but city council askaris pulled up on her and could not hear any of her argument.

Two kanjos got out of the car after a heated argument with Ntazola but one who was seated in the front seat of her car stayed put prompting the lass to drive off with him.

Ntazola later claimed that her TikTok account was taken down for posting the video of herself taking off with the kanjo in her vehicle.

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