“Mdomo imeniharibia nyota” – Justina Syokau apologizes to Andrew Kibe and Pastor Ezekiel

Justina Syokau, a gospel singer, is making apologies with everyone she has offended in the past because she believes they are to blame for her difficult current circumstances.

The Twendi Twendi singer posted a video of herself sobbing on TikTok as an apology for her earlier offensive comments.

In order to earn Andrew Kibe’s forgiveness, she initially offered to make him a song and apologized profusely for implying that he is kept by a woman in the US.

“Alikuwa anaita watu kafukuswi and nilikuwa nafeel nikama anaharibia watu majina. Nikambash. I’m very sorry. Since nikutusi, sipatangi kazi, hata pesa sipati, I’m just so sorry,” she said.

He also professed love for Kibe and hailed him as a hard-working man while conforming that she watches his videos daily.

Justina also apologised to Pastor Ezekiel Odero for her remarks about him after the man of God’s sentiments on single mothers.

“Alisema single mothers hatuna nyota ya ndoa. Alisema ukweli, hatuna nyota ya ndoa. Lakini iliniuma hio ukweli. Since nikutusi sipatangi jobs, hata kampuni zilikuwa zinaniita kuimba hazinipei kazi. Mchungaji niombee nyota ya kazi irudi, I’m just down,” she added.

The musician also revealed that she has been off the grid because her son has been sick making it hard to focus on her music career.

“Kutoka January nimekuwa back to back kwa hospital, hata first time hakusoma, he was very sick. Hii term nashukuru Mungu anasoma but bado hajapona. Pastor Ezekiel, ombea tu mtoto wangu apone,” she added.

She also apologised to Eric Omondi and women working in the Gulf saying her words got her in big trouble.

“I think I talk a lot and mdomo imeniharibia kazi,” she further said.

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