Comedian Eric Omondi and girlfriend finally shows off daughter’s face

Famous comedian Eric Omondi has won over fans’ hearts by posting the first pictures of his daughter Kyla’s face on social media.

Kyla was born on August 9, 2023, to Eric and Lynne Njehia, their partner. Up until this point, they have kept her identity a secret.

Eric and Lynne unveiled Kyla as the brand ambassador for a children’s clothing line on their YouTube channel, showcasing her endearing features and unquestionable cuteness. It was an exciting reveal.

The happy event was commemorated with a video that showed the parents’ excitement about their daughter’s new position.

“KYLA. You’re soooo perfect and adorable mama. Literally the best thing that has ever happened in mummy and daddy’s lives. We love you soooo much,” Lynne shared.

Eric Omondi and girlfriend finally shows off daughter’s face

It’s important to remember that the couple suffered a devastating miscarriage in November 2022.

They referred to Kyla as their “rainbow baby” with affection since Lynne’s pregnancy with her became a symbol of resiliency and hope (a child born after miscarriage).

Previously, Eric Omondi had stated that he would only reveal Kyla’s face for an astounding Ksh50 million fee. He had stated his intention to keep her face private.

In a lighthearted manner, the comedian highlighted the financial difficulties and suggested the charge as a means of getting through them.

“Sura ya mtoto wangu ni ngumu sana kuiona nimeona nifanye bei rahisi ju economy ni mbaya so tufanye something affordable kama 50 million tuweke bei ya kawaida saizi life ni ngumu wacha tufanye bare minimum. Upatie mtoto 50 million we ukuwe wa kwanza kuonyeshana sura ya mtoi,” Eric earlier said.

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