“My colleagues wanted me fired at Citizen TV” – Willis Raburu reveals

Willis Raburu has described how some people did not take well to his change in haircut in 2020 when he was still employed with Citizen TV.

The father of two revealed in an interview with Phil Director that some of his coworkers wanted him fired because of his dreadlocks.

He claimed that they even requested that the head of Royal Media Services, SK Macharia, fire him.

“I like my boss, Mr chairman. One day I met him in the corridors of Royal Media Services, and he looked at me and told me ‘aah you know people are telling me to fire you for having dreadlocks’ and he said, ‘aren’t you working and delivering? Endelea na kazi’. Once he said that, I knew no one would tell me anything,” he said.

The outgoing celebrity claimed that certain individuals, including close friends and family members, were worried about his hairstyle and that it took them some time to comprehend why he had it.

Fortunately, Raburu claimed he was still able to find work with his hairdo, and he wore it for two years before chopping it.

He described how one of his former employers informed him he wasn’t a serious brand because he advertised condoms and alcohol on his 10Over10 show.

Raburu claimed that when he asked the CEO what value he provided to the business, the boss was unable to respond.

“He told me I was not serious, and I asked him what he had done for the company because condoms and alcohol were bringing money to the company. Many people were defining me, and you can be lost in the label,” he said.

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