Embarambamba criticizes musician Getumbe over vulgar songs

Controversial gospel artist Embarambamba has expressed his disapproval of fellow musician William Getumbe’s latest song, ‘Yesu Ninyandue’.

The eccentric singer, known for his unconventional performances, did not mince words when discussing Getumbe’s controversial track.

In an interview, Embarambamba shared his thoughts on the song.

He criticised Getumbe for crossing boundaries with the lyrics, which he deemed inappropriate.

The song’s content raised eyebrows, and Embarambamba was quick to distance himself from it.

Embarambamba criticizes musician Getumbe over vulgar songs
Embarambamba criticizes musician Getumbe over vulgar songs

Embarambamba apologised to Kenyans for any confusion surrounding the song.

He clarified that he had no involvement in its creation and would not have endorsed such a track.

The artist emphasised that he and Getumbe had collaborated on other projects in the past, but this particular song was not one of them.

“Let me apologise to Kenyans. People didn’t understand that the Yesu Ninyandue hitmaker was not Embarambamba. That is a different artiste. He is a Luhya. We have done some songs with him but this one I wasn’t with him.

If I were there, I wouldn’t have allowed him to sing that song. I could have limited him. Truth be told, he made a mistake. You can’t say you want to sleep with Jesus so that you conceive. There are things you don’t joke with and you must respect God. That song depicts God as an immoral being. You can’t joke with God,” Embarambamba said.

The duo’s friendship has been put to the test due to their controversial music.

Both artistes have faced criticism for songs that some consider vulgar or offensive.

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