Edday Nderitu shows off heavenly house in US, Kenyans can’t keep calm

Edday Nderitu is unconcerned with the public exhibition of affection between her husband Samidoh Muchoki and his baby mom Karen Nyamu.

However, Edday appears to be picking up her life and offering a peek of her new existence. She delighted followers by displaying a gorgeous home with a white balcony while praising God.

In the video, she sings God’s praises and then turns the camera to show off her home before smiling and singing again.

Although she could not clarify if she is the person renting the property, supporters applauded her on finally having her own place after being hosted for a long time by her friend Bernice Saroni.

Watch the video below:


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♬ original sound – Jay Kahiu

There have also been speculations that she is currently job hunting in the US an indication that she has no intention of returning to her matrimonial home.

Here are some of the comments from social media users:

@lizah-kim said: “Edday has a new house in the US, shindeni hapo mkidhani atataabika.”

@Wambui said: “Kule kwingine wakipost TBT, sis team nothing but prayers ni kushine tu.”

@Rozy Rose Muthoni said: “By force by fire. Mimi nasema congratulations and keep winning. Mapema ndio best.”

@Lydiamsupa said:

“Girl, you are a product of your prayers. Continue, one day they will ask you for advice, forgiveness and respect you.”

@Sh said: “Congratulations, you deserve it and keep moving.”

@admiralty01 said: “God’s grace is sufficient at all times. After darkness comes sunshine.”

@fina said: “This mama moves in silence and I really love it.”

@Who else said: “Congratulations. May God make you to keep winning.”

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