Diamond’s Brother Warns Him Not to Heartbreak His New wife

Simba ataskiza ama ataendelea kula nyama?

This week has been eventful, especially after news broke out that the Wasafi Boss, Diamond Platnumz, had finally married a woman from Zanzibar in a hushed ceremony.

Fans have been expressing their happiness towards Diamond’s move, but they can’t help pity the “lucky” woman. It is no secret that Diamond, who has earned himself the title of Father Abraham, has a habit of dating beautiful women but ends up heartbreaking them badly.

One of those who genuinely fear for the new bride is Diamond’s brother, Romy Jones. Romy took to his Instagram account to warn his brother not to hurt his new sister-in-law. He pleaded with the singer not to play with the woman’s feelings.

Romy’s dangling message read, “Mara ya mwisho narudia bwana Nasibu, mfunge ndoa mwezi huu maana baraka zake Allah ndio anazijua. Usimchezee mtoto wa watu.”

His message shows that he has warned the singer severally, but he is afraid he never took him seriously. He employs a tone signifying that he is begging the superstar not to be big-headed this time when it comes to treating his woman right.

On Monday, Diamond’s mother shared the news that her son had found love. Like Romy, she asked him to settle with his newfound love.

She said, “Nashindwa kuelezea furaha yangu mwanangu, Naseeb @diamondplatnumz hapa sasa umepata mwenza, utulie Baba angu Uoe..”

Later in the day, Wasafi employees revealed that Diamond had walked down the aisle with the love of his life. They disclosed that Diamond chose to elope during the Ramadhan period to tap the month’s blessing and spend more time with his bride.

Fans cannot wait to see Diamond’s wife. However, there have rumors that his signee Zuchu is the bride since she is from Zanzibar, the alleged homeplace of the new wife.

As we wait patiently for Diamond to reveal his wife, we pray that he heeds Romy’s advice.

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