Sitaki mwanamke yoyote! Diamond breaks up with Zuchu after 3 years of ‘chewing’ her

Diamond Platnumz appears to be sick of pretending to be in a relationship with his protégé Zuchu.

In a direct statement, the well-known Tanzanian artist announced the breakup with the Wasafi actress, referring to her as “mwanake yoyote”.

He declared that he is officially single in a post that was published on his Instagram stories earlier today, January 8.

Diamond’s statement read, “From today on, ningependa niwatangazie rasmi kuwa I AM SINGLE, sidate wala sina mahusiano na mwanamke yoyote…hivyo nisiwekewe mwanamke yoyote kama mwanamke wangu, itapotokea kudate ama kuwa na mahusiano nitawajuza ama kuwatambulisha as I always do!”

This translates to, “From today on, I would like to officially announce that I AM SINGLE, I am not dating, and I don’t have any relationships with any woman… so no woman should be placed as my partner, if I happen to date or be in a relationship, I will inform you or introduce them as I always do!”

Diamond breaks up with Zuchu after 3 years of 'chewing' her
Diamond breaks up with Zuchu after 3 years of ‘chewing’ her

The unexpected news has triggered various reactions from fans on social media. Here are some comments from Diamond’s followers:

esperancebache: “Zuchu sisi fans wako tunafurahi, achana na izo Drama 🔥🔥🔥🔥 our Zuchu is back👏👏👏👏👏”

deebest12019: “Kwani lini alituambia yupo double??!!! Emb atutolee shobo zake hapa mxiiiiuuuuuu😏. Af mbona kadiliti post si angeacha hata waliolala waamke waione?!!! 😒😏😏”

shamym8495: “Kwani alikuwaga na mahusiano si mamake alituambia alikuwa single.”

fabian.vema: “Ulikataliwa zamani sema hukujua km mama mkwe hakutaki ss wazee tulishajua hl”

amondi_sharon:”Alikuwa na nani kwenye mahusiano??? Msibandike jina ya zuchu kwenye hiyo mahusiano yaliyopita…….nimefurahi msanii wetu zuchu atanona kote hata Tako itatingika bila stress kazi pia atafanya kwa bidii ashinde Kila mtu🙌🙌🙌( nimefurahi hizi drama fake zimeisha❤️ zuchu anenepe sasa !!🙌”

Diamond breaks up with Zuchu after 3 years of 'chewing' her
Diamond breaks up with Zuchu after 3 years of ‘chewing’ her

Diamond’s announcement has sparked a mix of emotions among fans, with some expressing joy over the end of what they believe to be a fabricated relationship. Others are eager to see how both artists will navigate the aftermath of the breakup.

The sudden revelation has also given rise to speculation and discussions about Diamond’s past relationships, with some fans questioning the authenticity of his previous claims.

It remains to be seen how Diamond and Zuchu will individually address the situation, and whether this development will impact their professional collaborations in the future.

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