Citizen TV Journalist Sam Gituku impresses Kenyans during Ruto interview

Journalist Sam Gituku received high appreciation from Kenyans for asking incisive questions of President William Ruto during their interview.

The president spoke with the media in a roundtable setting at State House in Nairobi on Sunday, December 17.

Several reporters from various media outlets quizzed the president about the status of the country during the interview.

Sam Gituku, a journalist for Citizen TV, stole the show, though, by challenging the president with insightful and clever questions.

Gituku, for example, confronted Ruto fearlessly about the contentious housing levy and the reasons behind its conversion from a fund to a tax.

Here is a typed snippet of their exchange:

Sam Gituku: Mr. President did Kenyans tell you they want a levy?

William Ruto: No. They told me they wanted jobs.

Sam Gituku: But when the same people told you they don’t want it, you changed it from a fund to tax.

Sam Gituku: Do you know how much you have so far collected for the housing project?

Ruto: KSh 60 billion per month.

Sam Gituku: KSh 60 billion?

Ruto: Yes.

Sam Gituku: KSh 60 billion?

Ruto: Yes.

Sam Gituku: So you will have collected KSh 720 billion in 1 year?

Ruto: I meant KSh 6 billion

Kenyans took to social media to hail Gituku for his composure and how he passed non-provocative but well-researched questions to the president.

Henry Kabogo:

“Sam Gituku, may the light shine upon you. Remember not to vend professionalism for anything including fear, money, or taking unnecessary sides.”

MUHAMMAD ONYANGO: “Man’s tome has changed. Tough questions coming in thick and fast. Sam Gituku is doing the lords work.”

Gachunga Kiiru : “I have come to realise president William Ruto is trying to avoid Sam Gituku.”

Goddie: “Man of the day. Sam Gituku.”

The Government Critic: “Sam Gituku is so genius and articulate, the man is arguing with facts, records and giving examples.”

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