Brian Chira to be buried in full graduation gown; Here’s Why

Brian Chira’s grandmother has requested her grandson be buried in a graduation gown.

According to a source, the grandma wants Chira buried in a gown because he was a very smart student while in school.

Brian Chira's Last moments before his death
Brian Chira

Chira was yet to graduate from Kabarak University where he was studying. For his secondary education, the late TikToker went to Nkubu High School and his schoolmates described him as a bright student.

Chira will be buried on Tuesday, 26th March 2024 in Githunguri.

Baba Talisha revealed that Chira’s grandmother had one request on the day of her grandson’s burial.

“Chira will be buried in his graduation gown. This was his grandmothers’s request. He was a bright student, he got an A-,” Baba Talisha informed.

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