“Ningejua singemwacha!” – Flaqo’s ex-girlfriend regrets breaking up with him

Anne Tracey, comedian Flaqo’s ex-girlfriend, has expressed regret for their previous relationship.

Tracy took to social media to share old images of them together, prompting debate over their relationship.

She said that she met Flaqo on Facebook in 2016 and that their online connection quickly grew into a passionate partnership. As their love grew stronger, she made the decision to live with Flaqo in Kisumu.

“We got to know each other on Facebook and started online dating. I moved to live with him in Kisumu, where he was still in college, and we stayed together for a while,” Tracy explained to Eve Mungai in an interview.

However, the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship arose when Tracy had to return to Nairobi to continue her studies.

Unfortunately, this geographical separation eventually had an effect on their romantic relationship. At that time, Flaqo had not yet achieved the fame and recognition he enjoys today as a content creator.

Tracy clarified her decision to post the old photos, emphasising that it was done innocently, like any other internet user sharing throwback pictures. She expressed surprise at the overreactions her posts generated.

“I was just posting innocently as a throwback, but people took it as if I was trying to ruin a relationship or something. I was going through my Facebook photos and came across them, so I decided to share,” she pointed out.

Contrary to rumours, Tracy denied any bitterness between her and Flaqo, emphasising that they remain friends and are still in contact.

However, despite the breakup and her contentment with Flaqo’s success, Tracy admitted to having regrets. She wished she had held onto their relationship, believing it might have led to a different and possibly more prosperous life for her.

“I do regret it. I wish I had stayed; maybe now I would be in Dubai. But I am very happy for him,” she reflected.

The mother of one also revealed Flaqo helps him to raise her child although he is not the father, she however said he does it purely as a friend

Flaqo has been in a relationship with content creator Keranta and have been dating for three years now.

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