“Anapenda kila mtu” – Pastor Ezekiel now claims women called Diana are cheaters

Pastor Ezekiel Odero has attacked again, this time claiming that women named Diana are extremely domineering.

During a previous church session, the famous televangelist warned men about ladies named Diana, warning they would want you to surrender to them.

“Ukioa Diana uishi na yeye, atakucontrol kama robot (If you marry a woman named Diana, she will control you like a robot). She becomes the husband, but if you show her that you are the man of the house, she will leave,” he said.

He also warned parents against naming their children Diana, claiming the name carries a bad spirit.

“Akiolewa, utashare na watu. Anapendwa na kila mtu bila yeye kujua (If you marry her, you will have a problem. She will cheat on you with different men. Women named Diana are loved by men even without their knowledge),” he claimed.

Ezekiel further claimed no woman named Diana is in a successful marriage.

Reacting to the man of God’s sentiments, netizens wondered how he made the discovery and reactions include:

Mammitoeunice said: “Pastor hajaheal from kitu Diana alimfanyia (The pastor has not yet healed after Diana broke his heart).”

Uncleivan1 said: “I guess Diana is his ex that is why he speaks ill about them. No one is bad in the sight of God.”

Blesseddiana1st said: “I rebuke those words in Jesus name, amen. I am Diana and I’ll get married in Jesus name, and I’ll stay in my marriage till God decides .”

Oluwa_rahim said: “He talks about his past traumas in the hands of a Diana .”

Mtangi._said: “I have dated one of them .”

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