42-year-old lady breaks up with his 22-year-old lover after cheating on her despite buying land, opening business for him

Terry, a 42-year-old Kenyan lady, has come clean about Promise, her younger partner, cheating on her.

Terry talked candidly about her relationship with her lover, Promise, in an interview with Nicholas Kioko.

Terry said that Promise’s adultery was the reason behind the two’s drift, despite the fact that they appeared to be inseparable in 2023.

The woman mentioned that she and Promise had started a business together, but sadly, she had to return to her rural home to care for her father after he became ill.

Terry noticed that Promise was being pursued by another older woman who claimed to be a well-known politician and had promised him money.

Terry disclosed that her father was ill and she was unable to attend a business meeting in Dubai.

She mentioned that although her partner didn’t have a passport, she had asked him to attend the meeting on her behalf.

Promise and Terry during an interview
Promise and Terry during an interview

Terry helped him obtain one, and after she discovered photos of them together, he went to Dubai with the other woman.

“I had some invitations from a Wi-Fi company. So we talked and discussed, and we were to go together. So I helped him get a passport. I prepared him for the journey. He went for his own pleasure. Luckily someone I know represented me.”

He told me he was planning to travel somewhere for business purposes, but I later learnt he was actually out of the country. I stumbled on the information. He was in Dubai. We were to travel together, but I had a sick dad. He never told me anything about the travel as he used to. I just found out when he was almost returning here. I tried reaching him out they would give me a funny signal.

I have seen pictures that prove he was not alone. I am a reserved person. I know that they were together. An MP had given him a love offer. When I looked at the pictures from Dubai they were having fun. I have also seen their videos.”

 Promise and Terry during an interview with Commentator254. [YouTube/Commentator254]
Promise and Terry during an interview with Commentator254. [YouTube/Commentator254]
She got emotional, noting that she had trusted Promise, but he had changed in the course of their time together, and it was hard to even communicate with him.

“I tried reaching him with his two lines which I know but I think he has another line but when he wants to be reached its easy to find him.”

Terry noted that since they had gotten into a venture together, she wanted to know where he stood so that she could pick up from where they left off.

“There is a machine he told me was giving him a hard time. So we went and did the paper work then he disappeared. We were fine until that business or love offer came from the MP. He knows I know he has been cheating.”

She admitted that she still loved Promise, but he broke her heart after he cheated on her.

“I will not pursue him. I still believe in the power of our love. If he wants to walk away, it’s as easy as saying he wants to walk away. There are things he knows should be with me. I asked for us to do auditing. So he told me he was busy, yet things could not stall. You know we launched some two things together, so I wanted to know so that at least we could know who would be left with what because I consider myself single at this point.”


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