Willis Raburu reveals the reason why he left Citizen TV

Willis Raburu has revealed why he left Citizen TV and its lucrative position. After 13 years, he retired, breaking the hearts of many of his admirers.

According to Mark Masai in an interview, the reason he stayed at Royal Media for all these years was because he cherished the office atmosphere.

“I was loyal to royal. It was the organizational culture. My colleagues were great and I loved the way the company operated and their open door policy.

Over the period that I have been there , I did different things among them conflict stories, political, human interests. I started doing digital consultancy for companies. I realized I have never taken a break, I needed a rest. I just wanted to do something new, and to rest,. I am about to finish my Masters at USIU and that made me broaden my thinking.”

“I had told my mum and aunty that I would read news as it was the only thing that made my dad ‘shut up.’ despite how powerful he was at the time.”

Raburu says he would miss family occasions due to the nature of his work to an extent people stopped inviting him. He now says he can focus on hanging out with family more.

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