DJ Bonez nearly fights Oga Obinna after touching his wife Kamene Goro

Massive outrage has been sparked by a recent event involving comedian Oga Obinna, DJ Bonez, and former Kiss FM personality Kamene Goro.

Tensions increased when he touched Kamene’s cheek in a brief video released on TikTok by Obinna, drawing a quick response from DJ Bonez.

In the video, DJ Bonez is seen severing Obinna’s hand from Kamene’s cheek and admonishing him to respect boundaries.

The comic defended himself, saying he was merely wiping some dust off Kamene’s cheek.

“Hey man, respect yourself. Who are you to remove it for her?” DJ Bonez told Obinna.

“Then I have returned it?” Obinna responded.

Adding that:

“I just removed for her some stuff, it is a very small thing.”

Obinna later posted an update saying he won’t go to their house again.

“Sioni nikirudi kwa hii nyumba aki…hata kama ni kupendana…😅”

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