Mammito: Sijakataa boobs zangu zimelala but zimelala kwako?

Comedian Mammito Eunice has funnily hit out at trolls who are used to body-shaming her after sharing her photos online.

Mammito Eunice, a comedian, has spoken out against body shamers who have been attacking her on social media.

The award-winning comic revealed her displeasure with netizens who have criticized her appearance, particularly her breasts.

Mammito chose to confront her detractors after receiving bad feedback after uploading her photos online.

“Sijakataa boobs zangu zimelala but unataka ziamke zikufanyie kazi gani? ziende wapi? Mbona unaziamsha? Wachana nazo zilale, zimelala kwako?” she noted. 


“Hizi boobs zimekuwa frontline ya kufight depression, making people happy. Mtu anakuja na stress, unauliza ni nini baba, ni taxes, shika.” she said.

“Hata wewe ukiwa na mtu umestand na yeye the right direction for 15 years utapumzika. So let them rest. Hata on the seventh day our Jehovah rested. Let them rest.” 
Social media reactions
@lynewambui mamito speaking for us all…. girl power 😅
@ciru ng’ash: can’t they just rest in peace??zimelala kwako??
@Lungcudner_B🇰🇪🔥: 😂😂😂😂zimelala kwako was just chilling
@Terryscoffer: This video made my day😂😂😂😂 finally team fallen soldiers tumefikiwa
@Cirahgitau: i love your confidence Mammito mathie makiumaga
@zaq-M-0012: 😂😂😂😂😂finally umesimamia 111 and 1million Others
Spicey😈: ziamke ,zililale,zitembee ziiname,ni zangu…tell them baby gal😊

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