“Nimeokoka” – Prof Hamo says Jemutai is not his wife anymore, confirms they’re just friends

Prof Hamo has now blamed the devil for misleading him, revealing that despite rumors to the contrary, he and Jemutai decided to co-parent.

Hamo and Jemutai began dating in 2015 after meeting at the Churchill Show, but things soured after the comedienne became pregnant with their first child.

The comedian-turned-media personality dumped her, then returned in 2019 and pregnant her once more before abandoning her.

Jemutai said that she turned down a KSh 5 million contract to protect Hamo’s image since she was pregnant with his first child.

In May 2021, Jemutai’s life grew terrible, and she turned to social media to expose Hamo as a slacker father.

The mother of two stated that she was struggling financially and couldn’t afford to pay her rent and bills.

Hamo demanded a DNA test, and after results showed he was the biological father of the two kids, he stepped in.

From mid-May 2021 to late 2022, Hamo and Jemutai lived together and served couple goals, but a few months ago, fans noticed that he has been missing in action.

Prof Hamo says Jemutai is not his wife anymore
Prof Hamo says Jemutai is not his wife anymore

During a live session on TikTok, Hamo talked about his current relationship with Jemutai, noting that she is a good woman.

“Saa hizi tunaishi vizuri kwa sababu nilirudi kwa Mungu. Nilimwambia, cheki, haki tukiendeelea hivi tutachoma. Wacha tukuwe tuu mabesthte tulee watoto. Sahii sisi ni mabeshte tunaendelea fiti hatuna mashida,” he said.

The Nakuru-born and bred content creator said things don’t go well with him whenever he backslides. He finds himself in many temptations.

“Ni msichana mzuri. Mungu anisamehe. Vile nimerudi kwa Mungu maisha imenyooka. Kila wiki tunaenda tunaharibika. Jemutai hakuchoma…Hii dunia kuna Mungu na kuna shetani,” he said.

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