SHOCK as class 6 pupil stabs his teacher in Garissa

Garissa County Commissioner Boaz Cherutich has urged pupils not to attack teachers in school, after a class 6 student left a school teacher with serious injuries.

Cherutich warned that the government would take action against those found guilty.

He also urged parents and teachers to work together to reduce incidents of school misconduct.

“Juzi tumekuwa na kisa Garissa town ambapo mwalimu mmoja mwanamke alikuwa darasani, alipigwa na mwanafunzi wa class 6,” Boaz said.

“Si hiyo ni aibu kubwa sana? Na tulishika wazazi tukaweka ndani ili tukueleze sheria lazima ifanye kazi,”

According to Citizen TV reports, the boy assaulted his teacher after being asked why he hadn’t attended classes since school reopened.

After a scuffle, the student is alleged to have left the school, only to return shortly after, equipped with a knife, which he used to stab the teacher in the ear.

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