JUST IN: UDA Vice Chairman Seth Panyako resigns from party over high cost of living

United Democratic Alliance(UDA) Vice Chairman Seth Panyako has ditched the party, over  his stand on campaign against housing levy and high cost of living.

This comes days after the General Secretary of Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN), lamented about President William Ruto changing into a different person after he clinched the presidency.

Speaking at a press conference, Mr Panyako said President Ruto is not the same man he used to sit down with and have conversations about how the country should be led while he was the deputy president.

“I don’t understand whether the current President is the one we used to sit in Karen and we discuss how the country should move forward, how the whole Administration has messed up the country.

I do not believe it is the same William Samoei Ruto who I was sitting with when he was the deputy president, he has changed dramatically. He has become somebody else I don’t even understand myself,” he said.


“In fact, don’t believe I looked for votes for William because he is no longer the person I thought he is going to be. I wanted a president who is caring, I wanted a president who is listening, wanted a present who will put health workers and all workers in Kenya, all workers on the table and ask them what problem do you have as Kenyan workers, how can we move this country forward together as Kenyans but the President we have today is the one who is coming to make pronunciations.”

Panyako accused the President for increasing the National Hospital Insurance Fund and National Social Security Fund premiums for employers and employees despite all civil servants already being covered in a pension scheme.

General Secretary of Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) Seth Panyako
General Secretary of Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) Seth Panyako

He further faulted the President for failing to contact and consult stakeholders before he announced his new premium hikes.

“When you look at NSSF administrative structure, the administration of NSSF takes over 50% in administration and that is where you are saying you want us to add them 12% so that out of the 12%, six percent goes to Administration.

There is no pension scheme in the world where administrative costs should go above two percent and NSSF is a thesis scheme. It means workers must be represented 50%, employers 50% percent,” stated Mr Panyako.

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