Colonel Mustafa begs Kenyans to raise another Sh1.5M for mother’s hospital bill

Colonel Mustafa, a veteran musician, has asked Kenyans to help him fund an additional KSh 1.5 million so that he can totally cover his mother’s hospital bill.

This comes only weeks after his ex-record label mate and current lawmaker, Jaguar, urged friends to contribute KSh 1 million for his mother’s treatment.

The Adhiambo C hitmaker recently went viral after a video of him working on a construction site surfaced, with many people praising him for doing his best without asking for assistance.

He later explained that taking care of his sick mother, who was diagnosed with cancer, exhausted his savings, forcing him to take the job so he could care for her.

Colonel Mustafa
Colonel Mustafa

During the conversation, Mustafa acknowledged that the amount given was exactly what he needed to pay off his mother’s hospital cost.

But he didn’t stop there. He went on to convey his wish for a job or assistance with his musical comeback after his mother’s health had been stabilized.

He mentioned that his music career was struggling, and that his mother was battling cancer, which added to the difficulties he was facing.

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