Huddah Monroe accuses Tiwa Savage of sleeping with married men for money


Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has called out  Tiwa Savage, a popular Nigerian musician for having “lost morals.”

The Kenyan socialite’s reply came after Tiwa Savage announced that she was looking for a man who is more financially secure than she is. Monroe was not pleased about this.

During a previous concert in the United States of America, Tiwa shared this:

“So I was telling my stylist, Tokunbo, it’s not that am just looking for a guy that has money, because I have money too. Period, I have my own money too. lf you do anyhow, I would get in to my Lambo and leave. All I’m saying is we’ve got to match our energy, you’ve got to match my energy. So from now on, we are looking for someone to add to our funds. Period!”

Huddah Monroe, did not take Tiwa’s statements lightly. The socialite who is never afraid to call people out chastised the singer for misleading the audience about the type of man she desires. She went on to say that while the singer should not counsel women to date successful guys, she prefers married males. See Monroe’s posts below:

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