10,000 luos petition court, want to form their own country

More than 10,000 Luos have petitioned the High Court seeking to be allowed to form their own independent state and govern themselves.

Ojijo Ogillo Mark Pascal wants the Milimani Law Courts to order the state to cause a referendum to be held for Luos to form their own state.

Ojijo, who identifies himself as a presidential candidate and a Luo by ethnicity says secession is not a crime in Kenya and it is time Luos charted their own course as a people who believe in change.

“My constitutional right to political, social, cultural and economic development has been restricted by the state. The State has also used the law and media to paint Luos as evil, against development and violent,” he said.

“Unless the matter is addressed urgently, the ethnic profiling, discrimination, lack of development and harassment shall continue and these shall prejudice, harm and limit his right to self-determination.”

Ojijio in his court papers wants an order issued restraining the state from stopping him from self-determination activities.

The right to self-determination he said entitles the Luos to form liberation movements with the very essence being that peoples have a right to govern themselves.

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