Vincent Mboya becomes philanthropist helping the homeless in US

Many people were taken aback when content creator Vincent Mboya gave coffee and snacks to a homeless Mzungu man who was seated outside a Canadian restaurant.

Mboya, who moved to Canada not too long ago, has been sharing how his life is going overseas and has received both praise and criticism for it.

Mboya recorded himself stating he was looking for people to buy food or coffee for while he was walking around his new home.

Mboya posted a video of himself interacting with a middle-aged disabled Mzungu man on Instagram.

He was giving Mboya instructions about what he would have preferred to eat while seated on what appeared to be a mat with his crutches beside him.

After rushing into the restaurant to get the man’s orders, the YouTuber eventually admitted to the woman taking his order that he had no idea what the man was ordering.

As soon as his order was ready, Mboya could be heard shouting repeatedly saying:

“Let’s take his order to him.”

The homeless man’s face beamed with joy as he took the large coffee order and a pack that had his requested snacks.

However, Kenyans were left with mixed reactions, with some questioning if Mboya was genuinely helping or creating content.

Here are some of the comments from social media users:

@cimonsimon said: “Mbona usifanye hivi kenya?”

@denwasher said: “Off camera kama ni kusaidia.”

@davie_odie said: “Umetuwacha sisi huku na Zakayo. Umeenda kusaidia wakoloniera mzee kama ni kusaidia.”

@jose_warui said: “Hawa wanapewa pesa na government yao wanaharibu…..Tumia Wakenya home hizo pesa.”

@latapazatunesband said: “Just wow. That’s a great path you are heading to. What will unfold in front of you will be breaking news in Kenya… more blessings kaka.”

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