VIDEO: Nyako bitterly attacks Eve Mungai for being selfish

Popular TikToker Nyako has warned Kenyan YouTubers, focusing specifically on Eve Mungai and charging her with developing a selfish attitude after becoming wealthy.

She argued that Eve’s current financial situation was greatly influenced by the people, pointing out that not so long ago, Eve was just a young girl with few resources.

“Eve Mungai, we’ve made you rich. You were just a young girl yesterday with nothing. I started following you when you were interviewing these boys..,” Nyako stated


“We, the audience, have contributed to your prosperity, Eve Mungai. You were once an ordinary young woman with minimal resources. I began following you during your interviews with these gentlemen…” Nyako continued by describing Eve’s former unassuming appearance in t-shirts and inexpensive jeans.

Nyako went on to assert that Eve had achieved her affluence through exploiting content creators who lacked awareness of their rights.

She took the opportunity to offer caution to fellow content creators like Presenter Ali, Obidan Dela, and Oga Obinna, advising against conducting interviews with Brian Chira on their respective channels.

The focus returned to Eve Mungai, with Nyako pointing out that she had observed no instances of the YouTuber’s involvement in charitable initiatives.


TikTok personality Nyako publicly denounces Kenyan YouTubers like Eve Mungai, accusing them of exploiting trending individuals for their gain. #nyako

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Nyako pointedly highlighted that despite Eve’s absence from philanthropic events, she had amassed wealth by taking advantage of unsuspecting content creators, leading Nyako to openly characterize her as self-serving.

In response, Eve Mungai’s partner, Director Trevor, encountered Nyako’s video and responded with a comment dismissing Nyako’s stance as unwarranted noise.

Trevor further recounted a previous instance in which Nyako had threatened to report one of his videos on Facebook, though no action had been taken on that threat as of yet.

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