TV Queen Terryanne Chebet praises the man she’s currently dating

Few months ago, the former news anchor Terryanne Chebet introduced her new bae to the world, in a photo posted on her social media.

“I do know I want to do more workwise, I’ve always had this at the back of my mind, you know I’m turning 45, and so I’m at half time, in terms of what I believe are my most productive years, so that means I have five more years which will be highly productive. After 50 you don’t want to be hustling too much,” she shared her tip.

Terryanne shared her dreams with the KTN Art of Living show, stating she is manifesting a lot.

“We should have big dreams. It might not be this year, next year, but it will come,”.

Terryanne is also dating. She shyly disclosed that she is enjoying being back in the dating field.

She cheekily laughed, and “There’s someone in the picture,”.

She got embarrassed adding; “Yoh, you didnt tell me you were gonna ask me this question,” she accused the KTN presenter, who insisted it’s a New Year and she needs to be loved.

“Yes, it is. I agree,” Terranne agreed.

This is what she loves about him, taking a deep and heavy sigh

“Woof, look at me, somebody who is………he is present. He is present, he is serious building, not just a relationship, but building a future, he is fun to be around, he is…ah you asked for one, that’s enough,” she tried to end the conversation.

She does not want to have any more children “Absolutely not. Why? The world does not need any more kids.”

TV Queen Terryanne Chebet praises the man she's currently dating
TV Queen Terryanne Chebet praises the man she’s currently dating

In March 2020, Ms Chebet disclosed that she always keeps her love life private to protect the people she is dating, and to avoid bad energy and uninvited judgment.

In an interview with Grace Msalame, Ms Chebet pointed out that she vowed to keep her love life away from the public eye and in doing so had found inner peace.

Private Love Life

“I believe there is a reason why personal is actually called personal and there are things that are your personal life that should remain that way. And if you put too much out there, it invites criticism and bad energy.

“So as for me I said I will protect my dating life, I will protect the people I date because they are not public personalities. I would rather keep that part of my life, as private as possible because it gives me peace. And nobody really needs to know until when I probably walk down the aisle and then they can know or I can still choose to keep it private. Personal has to be personal,” said Ms Chebet.

TV Queen Terryanne Chebet praises the man she's currently dating
TV Queen Terryanne Chebet praises the man she’s currently dating


In April 2020, the mother of two said that co-parenting has not been 100 per cent easy for her, especially with her second-born saying that she had to prioritize her child’s wellbeing to hack it.

“For me it hasn’t been 100 per cent easy but it had to get to a place where we had to put the child first and you both ask, can we put aside our own worries, fears, our own egos, so that we put the life and interest of the child first and sometimes it might take a while.

“I always say you don’t have to be best friends with your co-parent. Mutual respect, cordial relationship, such that you’ll not pass each other, once in a while they can call and speak to the child or come pick the child,” Chebet advised.

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