Samidoh’s cousin hits out at Karen Nyamu, calls her a demon

Bernice Saroni, who is Samidoh’s cousin has bravely handled the sensitive subject of side chicks in partnerships.

Her proposals have prompted discussions among female social media users. In a message delivered on September 7, Saroni divided side chics into two groups to emphasize their disparate goals and behavior.

Many people who have been in comparable situations in their life have found her honest comments on TikTok to be relevant.

“The first one likes to stay a secret. She doesn’t like the wife to know about her presence. She dates the married man and minds her own business.”

The first kind of side chick is portrayed in this description as being discreet and frequently keeping her involvement disguised from the spouse.

Bernice Saroni, on the other hand, responded most passionately to the second category. She referred to them as “pepo,” characterizing them as competitors and envious destroyers.

“That one will make her presence known. She will abuse the wife, and you are left wondering, why are you abusing the wife? The wife doesn’t look for you; you went looking for her. You are the homewrecker.”

Bernice Saroni: I played no part in Edday's decision to 'leave' Samidoh –  Nairobi News

Saroni’s message was a strong exhortation to women to value and emphasize their own worth and love.

She recommended women to avoid getting involved with married men, pointing out that these relationships ultimately result in a lack of tranquillity and contentment.

If you have decided to be a side chick, you are number 2. This man, at the beginning, told you he is married, he has children, he never said he would leave his wife for you. So why can’t you go there and just keep quiet and mind your business? Because if you believe in yourself that you are beautiful, you cannot date a married man.”

She concluded by making a sincere appeal to women to value themselves, put their health first, and look for partners who share their values.

“You will not be a second wife, and you will get your own man. Side chick type 2, stop jealousy and competition; at the end of the day, it will cost you your peace.”

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