Quick recovery! Comedian Chipukeezy admitted in hospital

Chipukeezy, the popular comedian Vincent Mwasia Mutua, has been hospitalized to Nairobi West Hospital with an unexplained illness.

Dennis Itumbi, a digital strategist and State House strategist, made the announcement after visiting the comic in the hospital.

Chipukeezy was admitted to the hospital on July 25 at 3:00 p.m., according to Itumbi.

He also stated that he has been rapidly improving.

“Chipukeezy was admitted yesterday at around 3 pm. The progress as I have said earlier, is brilliant, superb. Very well done job by the hospital and the medical team here at Nairobi West Hospital,” Itumbi said.

A close confidant, Itumbi shared that the twosome have been buddies over the years and that both had supported each other in various social and philanthropic activities along the way.

“Since he started his comedy career, Chipukeezy has been my friend. He invited me to his school project. We have done harambees there, we’ve built the school together. Beyond that we also run a group for the empowerment of young people in politics,” he added.

Itumbi further revealed that popular comedian and scriptwriter Eddie Butita also visited Chipukeezy in hospital as did several other local stars.

“We were with Eddie Butita here yesterday, and am sure now that this information is going out a lot of people will be coming here, and we’ll keep you updated,” said Itumbi.

Chipukeezy is currently celebrating ten years in the Kenyan comedy industry. To mark the milestone, the diminutive comic has organised a massive stand-up show at the MKU auditorium in Thika dubbed “10 Toes Down”.

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