“Sijui Nitaambia Nini Watoto” – Police Officer Who Lost Both Arms Speaks

A police officer who lost both arms during anti-Finance Bill protests is recovering at Nairobi West Hospital.

Inspector David Maina, a father of three, regrets the incident, stating it has changed his life forever and will be difficult for his family.

“It was a sad day that this happened, as we were trying to ensure calmness in Nairobi. It has changed my life a lot because there are many things that I won’t be able to do and I also don’t know what I will tell my kids about this, they will be very shocked,” he recounted.

Medics at the hospital say the injuries he sustained will be life-changing and that he may need prosthetic arms to enable him somewhat live a normal life.

The hospital’s Chief Doctor Prakash Sain said Inspector Maina sustained serious injuries and that no treatment or corrective surgery can restore the damage.

“He had lost both his hands, the primary treatment has been done but with the kind of injury he has, there is no surgery or treatment which can heal him now,” said Dr. Sain.

In addition to Inspector Maina’s serious injuries, another female officer, Constable Mildred Emoit Elisha, lies next ward in the same hospital after she suffered wounds to the chest.

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Dr. Alfred Mutua alongside Nairobi Police Commander Adamson Bungei visited the officers on Thursday to show solidarity.

CS Mutua condemned the protests over the Bill claiming that the protesters have been coerced by civil society groups that seek donor funding.

He says the said groups are now using Generation Z to propagate their agenda.

“Out of the protests that have happened, two police officers are in hospital and not a single demonstrator was injured. Our police have shown their restraint, they have looked and seen these are children who are being used and have not done anything,” said CS Mutua.

“These protesters would like to have violence because that is where they eat. They would like to cause some violence ndio waende huko ng’ambo waandike proposal watumiwe pesa wamesota…they are broke. I see these activists in clubs and they are broke, hawana pesa.”

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