ChatSpot Show to return to Swicth TV, with beautiful queens Nana, Joyce Maina & Mwikali

Seven months after the Red Cross-owned station (Switch) closed down, leaving its staff without jobs, the entertainment show ChatSpot is returning.

On July 6, 2022, switch shared a teaser informing it audience that it will air on YouTube every Thursday at 10:00am.

The station switched from on-air to digital broadcasting in December 2021 rendering its employees jobless.

“Guys are you ready?? Drumroll please…. The certified tea mistresses @nanaowiti @joycemaina and @mwikalimary are back on your favorite show. Who did you miss Let’s meet this and every Thursday at 10:00am for #Chatspot on Switch TV Ke YouTube. Don’t miss!!,” the announcement reads.

Joyce Maina, a former actress turned media personality, Nana Owiti, and journalist Mary Mwikali will anchor the program.

Switch TV Closure

Earlier this year, the ChatSpot crew shared emotional messages after the station shut down. This came after the management announced that the station was taking a different direction and on December 31, 2021 was the last day it would be on air.

The show producer said that her journey at the TV station was amazing, adding that as ChatSpot crew they had fun.

“As the producer, this is so hard for us but Switch TV has been a good journey ever since we started, we all started at different times and our journeys have been different but one common thing that has brought us together here is ChatSpot. And as the ChatSpot crew we had fun,” she said.

On the other hand, ChatSpot host Nana Owiti detailed her journey at the station:

“Switch TV has definitely been a family to me because I walk in knowing that I’m gonna smile and it is a sort of balance to me. I came here very green and Switch TV took me in and taught me and even the people here are family, we live like a family and whenever anyone has a sort of event we flock there and support each other,” she said.

Nana added that hosting ChatSpot has given her a lot of exposure:

“I got a lot of exposure here and I’ve totally grown from the small Nana Owiti and so many people I meet on the streets are like, ‘I know you, you’re part of the three girls on ChatSpot’. Thank you so much for the overwhelming support you’ve given us towards the growth of this station,” she added.

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