Pesa otas! Vera Sidika unveils daughter’s Sh500K bed imported from UK

For the first time, beauty entrepreneur Veronicah Mung’asia aka Vera Sidika has revealed the bed she acquired from the UK for her daughter Princess Asia.

Vera disclosed the price of the stated bed as well as the importation, which came to a staggering Sh548,000, in a series of posts on her social media accounts.

The socialite then gave a private tour of Princess Asia’s bedroom to her fans and followers.

In a YouTube video, the entire area exudes pure luxury and expensiveness, right down to the furniture placements and interior design of the entire home.

Vera had brought the bed with her in January 2022, but this was the first time she had displayed it.

“It’s very elegant and unique, it’s British and I like to stand out so that’s why I went for this. Shipping is like buying a new bed so everything came to about Sh500,000. I want my kids to experience the best of the best,” Vera wrote.


“Got Babycot from Bambazi price was a little different since my design wasn’t the same. The shipping cost was Sh219 922. The total was a little over Sh5,498,053.

“You are too dramatic in comments, bed was £1770 (Sh324385), Shipping £1226 (Sh224687) Total was at Sh5, 498, 053. Of course, the bed can’t grow wings and fly itself to Kenya,” Vera added.

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