Uchumi ni mbaya! Pastor Ng’ang’a criticizes Ruto’s gov’t over high taxation

A video has surfaced online showing Pastor James Ng’ang’a, the founder of Neno Evangelism Centre, criticizing President William Ruto’s government over the high taxation and cost of living.

“Sometimes you’re misleading this nation. Uchumi ni mbaya,” he noted.

The Pastor dared the government to close his church for speaking out the truth.

Watch the video below:


Few months ago, Ng’ang’a also dared the gov’t to arrest him following a crackdown on churches by the national government.

However, he changed his tune and said that the government should also come for him since the current situation in the country regarding the church is too much.

“I am not educated but you guys are. However, my phone receives money. After you arrested this preacher even you I pray that you undergo the same. The government come for me, this is now too much,” Ng’ang’a said.

Ng’ang’a also commented on fake pastors who have been deceiving their congregants by asking them to send money, promising that they will receive more in return.

He vividly referred to such preachers as murderers. He also said that no one should send him money since he will reverse it.

Ng’ang’a explains how fake pastors can be unearthed

Ng’ang’a is now urging the government to investigate and arrest fake pastors who have been deceiving people in churches.

He specifically mentioned Nyali Member of Parliament Mohamed Ali, who is also an investigative journalist and called on him to assist the government in monitoring and exposing these fake pastors.

Ng’ang’a suggested that the Nyali MP should disguise himself as a mentally impaired person and attend church services to observe what happens during sermons.

He also suggested that the police can assist the government in cracking down on fake pastors by attending churches in civilian clothes and even taking on roles like ushers to investigate everything.

Ng’ang’a concluded by stating that many people have died in churches, yet the government is not aware of it.

He said that the government should deploy police officers to churches to oversee everything.

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