Pastor Dorcas: The boy child is under siege, succumbing to drugs, alcohol and dying

Second Lady Pastor Dorcas Rigathi criticized same-sex marriages during a prayer session in Nairobi.

She emphasized the importance of traditional family values and urged against sexual immorality, addressing a gathering attended by First Lady Rachel Ruto and other church leaders.

“Families are currently facing unprecedented challenges, and the sanctity of family values has been eroded. We are witnessing the acceptance of new ideologies where men marry men and women marry women, and this is something we must vehemently oppose. The divine institution of family, as ordained by God, must be upheld,” she asserted.

She continued, “Now is not the time for complacency. God detests sexual sin, and condoning it will not go unpunished. History has shown that societies that condone sexual immorality face divine retribution, regardless of their perceived righteousness.”

Pastor Dorcas also implored church leaders to open their doors to address the plight of the marginalized boy child, who often finds himself living on the streets and succumbing to substance abuse.

“The boy child is under siege, facing conflicts and succumbing to the scourge of illicit brews, drugs, and alcohol, leading to their premature demise. Africa, including Kenya, is burdened with a high number of widows due to the loss of men. It is imperative that we extend our hands to provide sanctuary and support for these vulnerable boys,” she urged.

Expressing her distress over the escalating number of widows in the country, Pastor Dorcas highlighted her observations from various widows and orphans meetings held in regions such as Laikipia, Kilifi, Embu, and Meru, among others.

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