“Nimeokoka, God changed my life” – Omosh says he’s born again

Omosh, a former Tahidi High actor, has bravely taken a step toward a transformed life by admitting that his newfound relationship with faith has helped him overcome his addictions to smoking and alcohol.

The actor discussed his experiences with addiction and how his path to recovery has been entwined with his spiritual awakening in an interview with Mungai Eve.

“God transforms you to a permanent person. Like right now, I am enjoying the life God has given me. If I knew this is how this side of God looks like, I would have reformed a long time ago,” Omosh said.

While recalling his long battle with alcoholism, Omosh said he regretted his past actions but recognized that God’s timing is perfect.

“I gave my life to Him early this year. God hates a liar,” he said.

The turning point in Omosh’s life came after the loss of two close friends, which prompted him to reflect on the trajectory of his own life.

“I realized I was messing up with my life. I was so much into alcohol,” he said.

Once a churchgoer, Omosh strayed from his faith, but his experiences led him back to the embrace of spirituality.

“I have gone to church recently. I have been very prayerful and trying to fight alcoholism and smoking addiction but it was not working. My sister sponsored me to a rehab and that is where I learned about that,” he said.

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In an empathetic plea, he cautioned against judging those who battle addiction, noting that many regret their choices daily.

“I stayed from three years without drinking but friends influenced me back to alcoholism. Never judge a drunkard most of them are regretting every day. My sister spent over sh200k to invest in me and misused that opportunity.”

Omosh said his sister extended her support and offered him another opportunity for rehab.

This time, however, he made a resolute decision to steer clear of alcohol.

“My family and friend’s prayers have worked out for me,” he said.

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