“Niko na homa mbaya” – Raila Odinga on why he’s missing amidst mass protests

ODM revealed he is nursing a badflu amid concerns about his whereabouts.

Raila early this week called for a three-day protest against the high cost of living but has been missing in action since the demonstrations kicked off on Wednesday, July 19.

In an interview with NTV, the opposition supremo said despite his condition he firmly supports the protests which entered the second day on Thursday. He urged his supporters to continue with the push for better living standards.

“I nursing an awful flu but I am getting better,” Raila said.

“I am urging my supporters to go on with the protests because tomorrow (Friday) is the grand finale.”

At the same time, Raila dismissed President William Ruto’s claims that the opposition is blackmailing the government into negotiation for a share of government.

Earlier, National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi said the ODM party leader was safe amid concerns over his absence in anti-government demos.

Addressing journalists at parliament buildings on Thursday, Wandayi defended Raila’s absence, saying the opposition campaign had metamorphosised into a people’s movement and doesn’t require Raila’s presence to succeed.

“You must understand that this is now a people’s movement and doesn’t require the presence of any leader to succeed. All of us are contributing to this cause hence there’s no cause for alarm whether you see the leaders physically or not,” Wandayi said.

“Baba is very safe and is alive and kicking. When you see us here you see Baba. The protests are not his own,” he added.

Raila was last seen in public on July 12, Wednesday when he led opposition leaders in a press conference to protest the killing of at least eight protestors in various parts of the country.

However, the opposition chief has maintained his online presence, encouraging his supporters to resist President William Ruto’s administration and also demanding release of those arrested during yesterday’s protests.

The opposition called for 3-day protests across the country to demonstrate against the high cost of living, reconstitution of the electoral commission and the raid of opposition parties by the government among other issues.

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