“Napenda Raila kuliko bibi yangu” – Man declares

An enthusiastic follower of Raila Odinga recently generated buzz online with his humorous proclamation of unwavering allegiance.

Kimbi comically declared his allegiance to the former prime minister during an interview with Oga Obinna.

He claimed that his love for Raila surpasses even that for his own wife.

In his love hierarchy, Raila comes second after the Almighty God.

Kimbi said he would part ways with his wife if the Azimio la Umoja leader requested it.

“I love Raila more than my wife. My wife is a second option, but Raila comes first. Even if Raila tells me today to divorce my wife, I would divorce her without thinking twice. In my hierarchy of love, there is God above all, followed by Raila, my kids and lastly, others,” Kimbi said.

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