“Natumia matatu kuenda job” – Mulamwah explains why he doesn’t have a car

Digital content creator David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, has opened up about owning a car.

During an interview, Mulamwah revealed that he doesn’t own any car at the moment and prefers to use public transportation.

“Bado sijanunua gari ju bado sijaona importance sana ya kuwa na gari, mimi hupanda matatu kuenda job, kama ni meeting ya heshima ndio nachukua cab…sipendi pressure ya life.”

Loosely translated as: “I haven’t bought a car yet, I still don’t see the importance of having a car, I ride a matatu to go to work, if it’s an honor meeting I take a cab… I don’t like the pressure of life.”

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In another session, the entertainer held a Q and A session with fans on Instagram, and they were keen on finding out more about him.

One person asked Mulamwah about his cars, saying:

“How many cars do you have?”

However, the comedian claimed that he did not own any vehicle.

“None. I only use matatus,” Mulamwah responded.

Another Instagram user asked how much rent Mulamwah pays in Nairobi.

“Only Ksh 10,000. Why are you asking?” he wondered.

Mulamwah explains he doesn't have a car
Mulamwah explains he doesn’t have a car

The comedian was asked to share a photo showing how his finished two-storey mansion would look, and he obliged.

Mulamwah disclosed that he had spent KSh 8.5 million and almost finished construction.

The age-old question of whether one should buy a car or build a house first cropped up, and Mulamwah shared his view.

“This question is like asking who’s better between Messi and Ronaldo.

I know that money has many uses, and people have different preferences. Spend your money how you see fit as long as you don’t misuse it.”

How does Mulamwah make money?

Mulamwah, who estimated his net worth to be around KSh 4 million, previously divulged that he had invested in around 10 bodabodas in his hometown of Kitale.

The riders in the town are required to give the owner around KSh 500 daily, meaning he makes around KSh 150,000 from the motorbikes.

Mulamwah explains he doesn't have a car Mulamwah explains he doesn't have a car

However, the business has numerous challenges.

For instance, Mulamwah disclosed that one of his motorbikes was stolen around Kitale Stadium.

“Rider says he was buying some items and found it missing at the spot he left it, retweet and share widely. Any information given will be highly appreciated,” he wrote.

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