“Mimi ni yatima” – Ringtone wails as he fights with Cassypool

On Tuesday evening, popular gospel singer Ringtone Apoko and politician Casypool got involved in a brawl in Kahawa West, Nairobi county.

The footage, which was posted by 2mbili, showed the hit singer of ‘Pamela’ jumping out of his car and violently threatening Cassypool when he was conversing with the comedian.

Ringtone was seen in the video removing his shirt and squeezing his fists to attack the politician while accusing him of tarnishing his name.

“Mimi ni yatima, wewe unaniharibia jina. Mimi naishi Wanyee?? Mimi ni yatima, huwezi kuniharibia jina? Mimi naishi Wanyee??”

Ringtone was heard shouting at Casypool as comedian YY tried to separate them. The gospel singer accused Cassypool of spreading rumours that he was being kept by a white woman.

In his defense, Ringtone denied the allegations and made it clear that he personally struggled to finance his luxurious life in Runda.

“Kwa nini mtu anashinda akisema naishi Wanyee? Eti kuna mzungu ameniweka? Mzungu ameniweka amenipea mzungu? Mimi ni yatima nimeng’ang’ana kuishi Runda. Sawa,” Ringtone said before going back to his car.

“Aniheshimu mimi ni mwenyekiti. Mimi nimeokoka lakini kuna wakati Yesu alisema mapepo ingine inapigwa,” he added.

The gospel singer who was surrounded by controversy in his life continued to ask Cassypool to respect him and avoid tarnishing his name but the politician refused to back down and claimed that he would beat the singer badly.

“Hawezi kunifanya kitu. Yeye hawezi kunitisha bana. Aende atiye watu wengine bana. Huyo ni mtoto mdogo. Nimemlima huyo. Ningemuua huyo mtoto mdogo,” he said.

After that, Ringtone just left while his opponent continued being calmed by YY, 2mbili and other people who were with him.

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