Milly WaJesus reveals SHOCKING details about hubby Kabi

Milly WaJesus, wife of content creator Kabi WaJesus, revealed her past relationships and their impact on her husband.

In a video interview, she shared her feelings of insecurity about her husband since their marriage, mentioning a specific incident.

“Nishaimshuku tukidate. So most of the new believers wenye walikuwa wanokoka kwa sababu ya Kabi walikuwa his exes,” she said.

Milly recounted how a previous girlfriend of Kabi’s would frequently call him, sparking feelings of doubt and discomfort within her.

“So ilifika point nikaanza kumuuliza did you guys date and he was like yeah, like two days, like akiwa Dubai. There was always a ka story hadi nikamwambia aache kuhubiria wasichana.

“Kwanza kuna wa Dubai. She used to call and tell him how she was struggling, and I was like why are you talking a lot with this girl? So he gave me a background of their relationship,” she said.

Upon questioning Kabi about their relationship, Milly discovered that the ex-girlfriend had even financially supported Kabi during their dating period, unbeknownst to Milly at the time.

“Apparently when they were dating with Kabi, alikuwa amekombolea Kabi nyumba. Walikuwa wanadate from a far na alikuwa anamlipia nyumba. Alikuwa ameekwa. Hakuwa amenishow hiyo story. thers a day tulikuwa tunatembea tao alafu tukameet dam falni akaanza kuwa tu uncomfortable. Kumbe it was that chick,” she said.

Milly WaJesus reveals SHOCKING details about hubby Kabi
Milly WaJesus reveals SHOCKING details about hubby Kabi

The revelation prompted Milly to reflect on Kabi’s past relationships and how they might be impacting him emotionally.

Milly expressed her belief that Kabi is traumatised by his past experiences with ex-partners, highlighting his tendency to block all communication with his exes as evidence of this trauma.

In contrast, Milly revealed that she maintains friendships with some of her exes, illustrating a divergence in their approaches to past relationships.

“I think Kabi anakuanga traumatised na maex wake. I am friends with three of my excesses,”

Milly WaJesus reveals SHOCKING details about hubby Kabi
Milly WaJesus reveals SHOCKING details about hubby Kabi

Kabi shared that before he got married, there was a time when he would dream about a girl and start praying in his dreams.

He mentioned feeling deeply affected by past family issues during childhood.

“Mimi before I got married, kuna time nilikuwa naota na dem na naanza kuomba kwa ndoto.. I was so traumatised na mambo ya family members as a child,” he said.

He expressed his belief that sex is not merely physical but also spiritual, emphasizing the importance of being conscious of its spiritual implications.

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