Karma! Man who threw out woman out of car in Kilimani nearly dies in an accident

Kenyans are furious after seeing an undated video of a man forcibly dragging a woman out of a Mercedes Benz in what looks to be Kilimani, close to the Sixty Six mall.

In the undated footage, a man can be seen exiting the Mercedes Benz’s passenger side before opening the door to the rear seat.

A woman who seems to be protesting the violence is dragged by her hands by him.

Then he pushes her until she falls on the sidewalk, She tries to stand up but clumsily falls again risking being run over as the driver of the Mercedes pulls away.

The rattled woman dressed in a short black dress, a white hands bag, and baby doll shoes looks as the car drives off.

In the video, a bystander also leans on the passenger side of the door and even holds the man close the back door after the lady is pulled out.

He does not attempt to help her. He casually looks as the Mercedes leaves and at the helpless girl as well.

They appeared to have been in a dispute because the woman used her hands to indicate she was perplexed by his actions.

A woman recording the video is heard in the background calling it appalling.

Another man is then seen picking up her phone.

Kenyans have said they don’t condone this type of behavior, calling for appropriate justice.

Karma catches up…

A few moments later, a video of the same car involved in an accident scene resurfaced online.

See video below:



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