“Nataka kumuoa”- Man travels from Kisumu to surprise Azziad with avocado, socks

A young man has come out to win the heart of TikTok queen Azziad Nasenya days after she shared what she expects from a potential suitor.

Jaden Gertrude, a 28-year-old from Kisumu city travel to Nairobi to CONFESS his love to Azziad Nasenya.

The man produced two pairs of socks he bought for Azziad.

“I knew such a beautiful lady must love white. I blended them with pink. I don’t know if she will love them,” he told Vincent Mboya.

The love-struck man also produced a cartoon box with numerous ripened avocadoes, ready to give them to Azziad.

“I brought seven avocadoes, each costing KSh 110 because they are meant for the export market,” he said.

Jaden disclosed that he started crushing on Azziad back when she was in high school. However, efforts to contact her via social media failed.

“I tried sending her a DM and did not respond. I took the number Brian Chira shared, but it was not going through.”

Jaden said he had informed his family that he was travelling to Nairobi to win Azziad’s heart.

“I need to marry because I am not getting younger. I would like to take her to Kisumu so she can enjoy life there,” he said, urging Azziad to give him a chance.

“Anipee tu chance, najua hataki magari, alisema ako na izo zote,” he added.

Azziad posted a video listing the bare minimum someone could do to steal her heart.

“Things that make me happy include socks. If you gift me socks, that is a love language. I will love you like Christ loved the church,” she said.

Azziad also said she would be impressed if someone brought her quality avocados.

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