Kericho: Man Stabbed to Death While Trying To Rescue Mother-in-Law

On Thursday, January 8, a middle-aged man was fatally stabbed in the Kaplemeiwet neighborhood of Kipkoiyan, in Kericho County, while attempting to break up a fight with his mother-in-law.

Two women got into an argument over a possible love triangle, with one accusing the other of attempting to kidnap a man who is said to have had sex with both of them. This led to a brawl.

Neighbours who saw the incident claim that the man was attempting to protect his mother-in-law from a beating when the attacker unintentionally stabbed him in the neck.

The deceased, who shared an apartment with his mother-in-law, hurried to the scene upon hearing a loud argument coming from his home and discovering a major brawl.

The man was horrified to see his relative being beaten and being subjugated by the other woman when he arrived at the scene, so he had to step in and save her.

Sadly, the betrayed woman pulled out a kitchen knife with the intention of stabbing her opponent, but the man was stabbed by her instead when he intervened to break up the fight.

When witnesses realized he had been stabbed, they attempted to save his life, but the attacker took advantage of the confusion and ran away.

“The other woman stabbed him in the neck, but she was aiming for the mother-in-law, who she claimed was stealing his lover,” an eyewitness noted.

Sosiot police officers, who responded to the scene, immediately moved the body to the Kericho Referral Hospital, where it is being processed for postmortem.

The officers also launched an investigation in search of the escapee, asking residents to report any information regarding her whereabouts to speed up the case.

On January 23, another middle-aged man was stabbed to death at an apartment in the Mwariki area in Makuru, after an altercation with a woman over a suspected love triangle.

The incident occurred after the man was confronted by the girl, for allegedly having a love affair with another female residing in the same flats.

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