Kenyans raise Sh420,000 for struggling Ex-Citizen TV anchor Kimani Mbugua

Kenyans have raised Sh420,000 for former Citizen TV anchor Kimani Mbugua after he requested assistance on social media.

Mbugua stated in a viral social media video that he had just left the hospital and was now homeless because the people who had previously sheltered him had advised him to find for another place to live.

He also mentioned that he had already developed a business plan and his first proposal for a client with a set-up company structure, and that he was searching for a genuine business partner who could contribute Sh200,000 to make his idea take off.

After Mbugua’s plea for help went viral, Nyako, a popular TikTok personality rallied Kenyans to contribute a total of Sh420,000 to help him get his life back on track.

Mbugua expressed his gratitude to Kenyans for their generosity and support, saying that he was grateful and would account for the money.

He now has a laptop that he can use conveniently and plans to rent a bedsitter which he will also use as his home office.

The former anchor is also in debt for Sh1.2 million, down from Sh1.7 million after his creditors waive penalties for him.

Kimani Mbugua also shared his commitment to maintaining his sobriety. He revealed that he has not used drugs for the past two months, emphasising his desire to stay on a healthier path.

He bravely admitted to his past struggle with substance abuse, specifically marijuana and cigarettes.

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