Alipwe! Kenyans blast Dr Ofweneke over Stoopid Boy’s cancelled interview

Dr Ofweneke, a prominent Kenyan media personality and MC, has shed light on the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of the TV show featuring Kenyan Arbantone artist Stoopid Boy on TV 47.

According to Dr. Ofweneke, the artist’s decision to cancel the show was based on an unreasonable demand. Stoopid Boy insisted on being paid a significant sum of money, the exact amount of which he chose not to disclose.

“Stoopid cancelled the show for literally a stupid reason: he wanted to be paid… Stoopid Boy, just wait, we will pay you.” Dr. Ofweneke shared.

However, Kenyans online have come out to defend the singer with majority claiming that Stoopid Boy’s deserved to be paid for his talent & brand.

Kenyans blast Dr Ofweneke over Stoopid Boy's cancelled interview
Kenyans blast Dr Ofweneke over Stoopid Boy’s cancelled interview

See the reactions below:

@Bookten8: I Stand with Stoopid boy. Msanii alipie audio, alipie video, Apush song Hadi itrend na venye Djs and presenters hukua na maringo. Akiitwa show ama interview ataspend kitu 5k – 10k for his outfit, transport costs e.t.c alafu unamshow unampea platform. Benefits zake ni gani sasa?

@sembiiii: Huyu ofweneke anatishia Stoopid boy ati atarevisit. Mnataka kijana akule platform??? Listen to wakadinali about hii story ya platform.

@bee_r_o: We need to stop this BS and pay people for stuff they do. You are on a TV station that’s looking for views to make money, yet you think less of others….

@kamau_k7: Always have a price tag when it comes to business. How do you expect an artist to pay his own transport, food & then give you content for you to remain relevant in the mainstream, If you can’t pay an artist ita wazazi wako wakupee interview for free. Respect the hustle,

@mainandegwa232: Kama hungemention Stoopid Boy hatungejua kunakuanga na show kama hii. That alone should speak to u

@JamieButon: Mnaadmit you take advantage of talent kuboost show yenu watu wakigharamia costs kukuja studio

@Rashid_Mose: Come to my weeding and MC for free coz I’m giving you a platform, you guys exploit local artists but when foreign artists come to your shows you always pay them

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