Kenyan man claims Tanzanian singer Mbosso is his biological dad, wants DNA test

A Kenyan man claiming to be Mbosso’s son and requesting a DNA test to prove it has made false accusations, which the Tanzanian singer has refuted.

Declaring he was the Bongo star’s biological son, the man, going by the name Demmah B, recently made an appearance on Plug TV.

As his “father” was well-known and wealthy, the young man claimed he was unhappy being poor.

It was his strong recommendation that Mbosso come forward and testify as his father.

“He is indeed my father. I feel bad that I am suffering yet my dad is a star. Let him come, and we do a DNA test. I am confident he is my father,” Demah B said.

However, Mbosso has rubbished his claims and said he was not his father.

He said that he knew about him and found his claims amusing.

He even joked that he felt Demah B was his father, not vice versa.

“I have been seeing him and he is not the problem. The problem is his age. The way I see him, I feel he might be my father,” Mbosso said in an interview with Wasafi TV.

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