KenGen steps up hydropower generation, to stabilize costs

Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC (KenGen), has stepped up hydropower generation after the large dams in the Eastern Region recorded improved inflows over the past week on the onset of ongoing rains.

The NSE-listed company said its operational boost at Seven Forks has been remarkable, with the power stations recording a peak demand of more than 476MW in the last 24 hours alone.

At the same time, KenGen said it had seen improved water levels at Masinga Dam, which is Kenya’s largest, reaching water levels of 1,042.60 meters above sea level (mASL), surpassing the minimum operational level of 1,037mASL.

This positive trend follows a substantial 18.50 millimeters of rainfall received in the area, enhancing the inflow from the Tana River into the dam.


The company has consequently increased its generation from the lower dams notably Kamburu which also receives water from and River Thiba and Kiambere power station thereby improving the overall performance of the hydro power stations.

“Despite the encouraging rainfall, the Masinga dam levels are still short of reaching their maximum water level of 1,056.50mASL,” said KenGen Managing Director and CEO, Eng. Peter Njenga adding, “We do not expect Masinga to spill anytime soon as the water levels are ascending very slowly. We remain vigilant and will issue an alert should the dam levels approach spilling thresholds.”

Eng. Njenga said KenGen remains vigilant and would issue an alert should the dam levels approach spilling thresholds. The current weather reports indicate that heavy rains are continuing across most parts of Kenya, with flooding incidents in regions such as the lower Tana River, Garissa, Mandera, Turkana, Meru, and parts of the Coastal area.

In light of these developments, KenGen urges residents in the lower areas of River Tana to exercise caution. The KenGen CEO advised those in proximity to major rivers and dams to remain alert and relocate to higher grounds if necessary to prevent any potential loss of lives and property.

KenGen is committed to ensuring the reliable supply of electricity and the safety of the communities within the vicinity of its operations. The company will keep the public updated on any further developments.


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